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The main objective of the One Stop Border Post is to:
1. Enhance trade facilitation
Persons and goods
2.Promote efficient movement of persons and goods
3. Reduce the cost of doing business in the region
4. Ease and speed-up movement of persons and services within the community and adjoining countries.

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Nikolay Talanov

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Concept by Kreativa Studio

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About OSBP-Performance Measurement Tool

One Stop Border Post (OSBP) is a border facility that combines two stops for national border control processing into one and consolidates border control functions in a shared space for exiting one country and entering another. Under this concept, multiple border agencies cooperate and collaborate with each other, and effectively coordinate their activities to maximize their operational efficiency. OSBP arrangement brings together under one roof, all the Government agencies performing border crossing controls procedures, doing away with the need for motorized traffic and persons to undergo clearance twice at both sides of the border. This arrangement expedites movement, release, and clearance of goods and persons across borders, by streamlining border procedures, automation of the border processes, and simplification of trade documents.